Why I Did It begins.

Partyman is NOT a serial killerWell, I just lost it. Yay me. So here’s another.

Let me introduce you to Partyman. He’s a complex guy; the lampshade on his head is Victorian, suspiciously like the one I had like it, that got ruined in the last earthquake.

I don’t usually draw without a market in mind. (Hey! I’m a capitalist, and that’s a good thing!) But the owners of my apartment complex feel guilty about once every 2 years, and offer a party in the dusty “clubhouse.” The manager asked me to do a sign for it, and here is a character I added one year.

I would like to meet this man, and I’m not just thinking I want his lampshade. Here’s hoping he will introduce a bit of gaiety into the somber world I live in. Cheers.  

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