Morbid cartoon #1: Die, or diet?

Diet vs. exercise cartoon

diet vs exercise
diet vs exercise

I just changed this cartoon to a thumbnail because I found 2 sites that have stolen the cartoon recently. This means I have to send takedown DMCA notices to their servers. Be very afraid: I pursue all use of my cartoons unless you have my express permission.

The Idea
This is from my Morbid & Sex file. (Yes, what does it say about me that I think these subjects are connected…and that this is my favorite file?) They’re not always easy to sell. But so necessary to do.

This seems like an obvious idea: diets are a life or death issue for women, and there is always the big question: which one is most effective to lose weight?? And there’s that whole annoying mystery about it, as doctors continually change their minds on what and why or why not something will help with weight loss.

I myself like exercising better, because I just hate denying myself food to eat. I tried not to make the exercise guy show my bias, but I do have a weakness for blonds…and notice that he is a smidgen taller than the other guy!

I like the power a gun could give me. I guess I like guns. I’ve only held one once, when I dated an ex-Mafia guy; it felt and smelled like an expensive, non-digital, high-end Nikon. Yum.

The Drawing

I think weight loss is more of a woman’s obsession, but you can’t have two women shooting at each other. Maybe in vid games, or Latino gang fights, but not in cartoons. So these two fellows volunteered to be my characters.

I decided against a watching crowd, even though most duels seem to have them. I don’t always succeed, but I like fewer lines: clear, balanced, and in your face. Note that the men are moving in opposite directions to the cocked, deadly black guns. This shootout will not be pretty.

One is right-handed and one left. OT:I’ve always been fascinated by left-handed people. Do they know something I don’t? Are they more creative, successful, more interesting, BETTER? I’m, a little sadly, right-handed. But I would say that 2/3, at least, of all cartoonists are lefties. Greg Evans, the creator of LuAnn, one of my favorite strips, told me he, too, always asks if a cartoonist is left-handed and has actually done polls on it!

I think only one place bought it, either Spectator or Punch. Those great Brits aren’t afraid of a little violence.
Love ’em for that. In any case, I think this is a great, great cartoon! I need an editor with conviction and courage to buy this.

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