Is this green enough for you?

I have this weird thing, where, when I color a cartoon, I often decide that there aren’t enough colors. Not that there aren’t enough colors in my paintbox or on my palette ( or more recently, in my Painter Essentials 4 program), but not enough colors in the universe.

Who says LA\'s not green?
LA is green.

I can’t even think of the colors I need and want, which makes it that much harder. I get mad looking at my huge cardboard color wheel; who the hell invented this, with not enough colors on it?

I’ve noticed greens are one of the hardest to find. I think I bought most of the shelf watercolor tubes in green. My mainstays and faves are olive and lime green, but I’ve noticed lime green doesn’t go very well with a lot of other colors. Turquoise is good, but then you’re tending towards blue, and that’s another whole can of worms.

But one day last “winter” – the best season for photography in LA – I saw this from my window. This is nature’s way of saying “green rocks, and don’t you forget it.”

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