Cartoon: Date at the movies.

The Idea
This was one of my earlier cartoons- one of my favorites. Here is my constant concern and tension about food and relationships. Will he still like me, if I like food better? (I typed “batter” first.) And what’s more important, a guy or ice cream? And can I have both, please?

I’m always curious about other people. What are they thinking about all day? Or at the movies? Maybe I’m weird, but I daydream even there.

I think this cartoon works on several levels. Notice that I reversed the usual roles of the guy thinking only about food, and the girl thinking about him. When she stays on what pleases her, she has the power! Wait until he finds out… But I like his determination and masculine stubborness, anyway. He’s probably very sexy.

And popcorn always does need more butter.

The Drawing
I’ve drawn this several times. Solid black is hard to get with wash or watercolor, and markers smell bad and quickly run out, but it IS dark in a theater. You can see that I used marker for this version, and I kind of like the bands of gray.

I probably put too much detail in her popcorn bucket. Does it look like a cake? Also, does anyone wear a skirt to the movies now? I think not. But maybe if you’re looking forward to a tub of popcorn and a hot date, you do. What’s that skanky movie called?

Any buys?
Yessss! I first sold it to Glamour, and it was also my first sale to them. Then to Barron’s. Quite a spread in readers there! (I love Pam at Barron’s.) Then to a Chicken Soup book. I forget which one, but probably it was for the Hard Core Dater’s Soul.

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