Month: August 2008

Macys ad for labor day with canaries

I cut this out of the LA Times Magazine in 2006, as you can see. I was going to call Macy's Department Store to compliment them on their guts and creativity, but instead I'll write it here. I could not believe the ad agency was cool enough to be so uncool!!! Yay, Macy's! Canaries are such ...

Parakeets vs. Canaries

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New Yorker cartoons

What do Women Want Book

I talked in the post below about re-using cartoons. It’s like a kiss, really. You don’t call a second kiss, “re-using it”, do you? A good kiss is just as…

Read More I lost a big sale today.

In the Biz

Happy Hour cartoon

Bar cartoon copyrighted 2008. The Idea This is from my self-syndicated series, Daily Special. It ran in the LA Times for almost 5 years, and I slowly expanded it to reach a dozen other major newspapers (like the award-winning Minneapolis Taste section!) and alternates, like Nashville Scene. Daily Special is all about restaurants. Don'cha love them? I ...

New Yorker cartoons

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