Ask a cartoonist!

Q: Dennis and Roberta Keesey wrote to me, asking:

  • My wife and I have come up with a series of panel cartoons but unfortunately we have not found an outlet. Being realistic, and yet still believing in their value, we have come to the conclusion that maybe the best way is to sell them to other cartoonists. We were wondering as to whether or not you happen to be in that group that accept other ideas or whether individual creativity remains a priority.

A: No.

I’m not sure whether “individual creativity remains a priority”, or it’s just that I need to eat, and think I’m the best cartoonist I know. Or at least, the funniest. Or maybe, the only one I like to give money to.

I suspect that at least 75% of magazine single-panel cartoonists don’t write their own material, however, and might be happy to see your ideas. (I would be happy to be proven wrong on that number, btw.)

But since you already have them drawn up, ready for market, don’t give up trying to sell your own work! Try your local paper, or throwaway or alternative. They really do like to support local talent. And let me know what happens!

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