Free will in a cage.

my canary
My canary has a good relationship with the sun.

My parakeet likes me, but he’s disappointed; I’m just not that smart. WHY won’t I do what he wants me to?? He wants to be out when it’s not time to get out. He wants attention, right now. He wants me to play with me. Why am I talking on the phone, when he’s just a few yards away? He wants bare toes to tickle, and to bother the canary. He’ll screech and make really annoying burp-y chirps to try to get his way, and if there’s one spot I don’t want him, like on the canary’s cage, he will fly back to that spot over and over. And over.

He understands I’m bigger and stronger; if I tower over him, he’ll give a little whimpering peep. And he’s smart enough to learn what I want, but what’s the point in doing that? Unless there’s absolutely no other option – he’ll do it his way.

My canary doesn’t think he can change anything in life. Things will either go his way, or they won’t. He’s patient with the wisdom of hundreds of years in cages. Maybe it’s because canaries can’t attack very well; their beaks are quite weak and feel like a gentle poke, should you, say, have to pick him up because he forgot how to get back in his cage, when exercise time was over.

He’s really just happy to be here. Even if he has to sit in the back of the bus – he’s delighted he found a seat at all.

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