I spy a shoe sale.

Shoe sale, 75% off! But none in your size, Nancy. Nancy is unlucky at shoes.;)

I’m not a boat person, but sometimes I’m a shoe person, especially when they’re on SALE! The assignment was to do an interpretation of the subject Sail, for the fascinating ongoing project, Illustration Friday.

Of course, when you compare me to the other IF folks there, I am not worthy, but somehow I wormed my way into the group. I love this drawing for the repetition in her dress and in the bricks. And she’s carrying a purse I want! But mostly, because it’s funny.

The amazing and funny and talented Manolo, of Manolo’s Shoe Blog once had a contest and I was so impressed by him that I donated a signed cartoon as a prize for one of his winners. I picked this one for the lucky woman. He mentioned my books, and also used this one in his blog. So it has provenance, too!

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