Month: September 2008

My parakeet. He dreads bedtime. He crouches forward, all narrow-eyed, or jumps around, looking for a way out when there isn't one. A Lisa Shea says: Parakeets need to sleep 10-12 hours every day. The vast majority of this is done at night. The cave should be covered with a cloth so it is dark and they ...

Parakeets vs. Canaries

The Others

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New Yorker cartoons

eat it or shut up

"Chocolate happens, dear." you've got my full attention. The Drawing I've done cartoons on chocolate from the very beginning of my cartoon career, even before chocolate became acceptable and not shameful! So I had a nice little stash of them before I signed a contract for my book on chocolate, but once I added them up, it was ...

Donna Does Desserts

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