Prison Break is back! (the girlie version of 24)

I’m almost beside myself with excitement over the Dancing with the Stars new season on Monday, even though the last season was such a bummer, and obviously set up for the boringest couple on TV to win, Kristie Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas. Gah, did they coach them on how to be dull? Apparently. Neither ever said a witty or original word.

wentworth pbYou know what, Producers? It’s NOT just about the dance, that’s the lesson we learned last season. Dull, dull, dull. That’s why they’re called celebrities – they’re supposed to entertain in some way.? At least I got to know Adam Carolla, however, and don’t tell me Julianne doesn’t still have a little crush on him. And Derek and Shannon Elizabeth, so cute, which you also mishandled.

Oh well, on with the next season!

Unfortunately, it conflicts with one of my other favorite shows,? Prison Break. I don’t really know what fantasy football is, but I think it might be like what Prison Break is for the ladies:? very good-looking men, with strong personalities, good educations, who are well-spoken, and with at least a couple of redeeming qualities. Oh, and the ability to work well on projects. Who just happen to have met in a very attractive prison.

Oh, give me a break, I know a lot of guys watch it, too. I hear it’s very popular overseas, too, because of the nonstop action. Which 24 has, too, of course, but the Prison Break characters also have really great…character. Emotions, too, even though they are so often restrained, in that tight, appealing macho way. Gets the women aroused…

We took one giant step forward in the Season Premiere. There was so much packed into two hours, to cover what the writers strike never told us, that we really got our money’s worth!

And it’s not just that PB is eye candy – which it is- it’s that it has great Production Designers who really set the flavor for the seasons. (This may be true of Fox generally, as I notice?Fringe, which I’m casually dating, but have no commitment with right now, has a great Boston locale, cool sets and backdrops. With snow, and everything!)

The first season of PB was set in a real Illinois prison, and it showed. Who could forget our prisoners in the yard, surrounded by snow, and breathing out cold smoke, like dragons? (Of course, you can get the same thing most nights in the Universal back lot, but not the scenery.) Then in the second season, lots of woods and various city locales as we flitted all over the country, chasing the scattered heroes. The last scene of Season 2, as Michael and walked into the rainy, dark, creepy hellhole of Sona, passing Bellick on the floor, probably having been raped, was one of the scariest ever. (But in Season 3? they took away all night shooting, which turned Sona into a dry, baking lawless pit, and the creepiness was gone. Listen, you can’t get chills in the bright sun, producers.)

I really like this industrial look for Season 4, set in pretend LA ports and foundries. The Los Angeles Tourist Board rarely tells you this, but there are some fantastic areas of blight and high-walled factories, with lots of high wires, odd shapes, barbed wire and concrete toxic plants. (not really, but they could be.) Not to mention the oil wells and what looks like refineries. I actually like them a lot, and I guess the Location Scout did, too.

High Class Dancing, or low class criminals? What to do, what to do…

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