Every woman is an island.

The Illustration Friday request this week was for island. Oh, this was too easy. Every cartoonist has a closet full of desert island cartoons.

Woman on desert island reads too much.
“Dear Islander, enclosed are the five books you wanted most…”

I’m still fooling around with my Wacom and different programs to color the scanned in drawings. I used Photoshop Elements for this one. Not sure I like the brushes in here as well as Painter. I do like the blue scumbly one for the water. I’m a sucker for texture, even in fabrics!

Of course, I’ll probably never sell this one, because most of the women’s magazines that used cartoons, don’t now. And the ones that do, want, and I quote them, “fuzzy, family, women only” cartoons. (But then how come they keep buying them from aging bachelors?! Funny, that.)


  1. stangy said:

    Very funny – wonderful concept! I agree about the texture; your choice for water seems ideal.

    September 18, 2008
  2. Oh, thanks, stangy, always trying something new on there, and happy this one worked!

    September 18, 2008
  3. Anonymous said:


    September 3, 2010

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