When caramel is enveloped with chocolate…

eat it or shut up
“Chocolate happens, dear.”

you’ve got my full attention.

The Drawing
I’ve done cartoons on chocolate from the very beginning of my cartoon career, even before chocolate became acceptable and not shameful! So I had a nice little stash of them before I signed a contract for my book on chocolate, but once I added them up, it was only about 30 or 40. And I needed 120 cartoons for the book, which is a fat hardback! I always planned that the book wouldn’t be just candy – kind of dry – but would include any dessert that had chocolate as the main ingredient. Still, that meant a hell of a lot of new cartoons

This is one I did just for the book, but it turned out lovely. I like the simplicity of the solid black and white, with just enough detail to make it interesting. I love the little plants in the window to get the morning sun! And the cookbooks on the shelf behind her. Plus this was SO much fun, drawing little miniature versions of all these dark delicacies.

His expression is priceless! You know he really has no interest in the food, but he is tolerant, and realizes these will probably be at the dinner table for a while.

Plus, this caption is so much more pleasant than that other nasty one. (Hey, great one to kick off my not yet set up Cafe Press store! What a t-shirt!)

To get back to caramel, I’ve had the opportunity to try this a couple of different ways lately.? I recently picked up a Ghirardelli Milk and Caramel bar. It has an attractive photo on the gold box, and that’s a good start.? The milk chocolate is a little sweeter than usual, but works well with the sharper taste of the caramel. The caramel’is nicely melted, too. Me likey.

Eat me.


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