Month: October 2008

A neighbor friend saw me outside swinging my bird cage with canary included, and asked, "And where are you two going today?!" Busted! Most people are at REAL jobs during the day, and so I feel free to walk around the courtyard in my raggedy shorts that are too short, and goofy top. Not to mention ...

Parakeets vs. Canaries

New Yorker cartoons

Hmm, maybe not.  I've recently been accused of not being a hipster, so I'm a little sensitive these days. I don't usually read Doonesbury, by Garry Trudeau. I do like it, think it's extremely clever, but I regularly read only a handful of comics.  (list to be divulged at another time.) But for some reason, I ...

The Others

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Sarah Palin cartoon, with pit bull and barracudas

“What’s a 5-letter word for a woman who’s both a barracuda and a pitbull?” I don’t know, tell me. I don’t do crossword puzzles, I do Soduku. (Actually, my favorites…

New Yorker cartoons