A good chocolate man.

This is part of the original post. The cartoon and the rest of it are now on my chocolate blog.

There was a sad obit in the LA Times this weekend: Robert Steinberg, who founded Scharffen Berger chocolate, passed away. I found their fresh baking chocolate to be superb!

The Food Paper agrees with me on the baking chocolate. :)

Then there’s Pioneer Woman’s comparison? of brownies made with several brands of chcolate, including Scharffen Berger. Ever since I looked up her chili recipe which seemed to include a can, and her idea of complicated cookies that involve showing a photo of eggs, I’ve never thought she was much of a cook…or a blogger.

Still. Total hyperbole in the Times article about Steinberg.? Everyone knows that the new age of chocolate started when my chocolate book, “What Do Women REALLY Want? Chocolate!,” was published.

That was the beginning, but of course this sort of movement never does have an ending. To that purpose, I’m pleased to announce that I just bought a new domain:? chocolatecartoons.com. Read Eat it and weep. The new chocolate.

More on this story over there!

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