Not Time Magazine’s Cartoon of the Week. (although maybe it should be.)

Bank failure goes unnoticed with election excitement
“I think we timed it just right. Election fever overshadows bank failures.”

If you are expecting analysis of the bailout package(s) and bill, explanations of why these banks failed, why the markets have plunged to unimaginable depths, and where you should invest any money  you have left now…well, you’ve come to the wrong blog.

I’m just a cartoonist.

However, I think I caught the presidential race fever! Even though WAMU is was my bank!

The Drawing
Don’t you just love black and white? I’m a little concerned her dress may be too loud for the banking dress code, but this IS Casual Friday. I have a crush on the man at the bottom.

Do you think I should have shortened the caption just a smidge? I was trying to think of a word other than overshadows, but…couldn’t.

TIME, this one’s for you.


  1. kinda mean said:

    Your drawings are great but your captions suck (remember, I’m Kinda Mean). Your caption should say, “A strategy conference in New York, New York? No, try Bonn, West Germany”.

    October 20, 2008
  2. See, I don’t understand this. Perhaps it’s clever, but not funny.

    October 25, 2008
  3. Glen Cooper said:

    Dear Donna:

    I’m not sure what a “cupcake” is, or whether or not I need to leave one in order to get the previous message delivered. I am confused.

    Except for the cartoon I am referring to above, I have yet to fully appreciate the breadth of your work.

    If you come to Maine for a visit, we’ll treat you to a lobster roll! That’s actually just as good as a cupcake. In fact, it’s much more expensive.

    How’s that?

    Glen Cooper
    Portland, Maine

    November 18, 2008

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