The fixer-upper man.

“You’re not a fixer-upper, are you? I’m looking for someone in move-in condition.”

For Illustration Friday, subject : Fix.

Is this not so perfect for the New Yorker? Very wordy, just like they like ’em! Also, to the point, and the reference of move-in condition, ie, NY real estate. Plus party. Plus nice house. Plus back east, with fireplace. Lots of pluses. Yet, it never appeared in there!

And coincidentally enough, this is my own attitude with men right now! Let them fix themselves!? This is not to demean men in any way. Of course, not all men need to be fixed up in any way at all. But please, God, let me meet those men. Then I can fully enjoy them, and draw them.

The Drawing
For me, the age of the person I’m drawing helps give me her issues and his dialogue. That’s how the drawing helps tweak the idea and the caption. I think I used this one in my Love Me or Go to Hell: True Love Cartoons book. And why not?

I’m very very happy with how this drawing turned out. I can’t think of one thing I’d change in it. (And I do tweak drawings all the time – not so much captions.)? I usually don’t like a? lot of marker, but it seemed to fit this cartoon nicely.

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