Month: November 2008

doctor patient skeleton cartoon

"Well, I'd want the whole thing taken out, but you might want a second opinion on that." Cartoon ©D. Barstow. Not that I'm in the least bit misogynistic. People who know me know I love men, in all guises. But the stronger the better, of course. ;) This is part of my Morbid series. It's not that ...

New Yorker cartoons

"If you see any bigger than this, just pretend you don't see them." I hope you understand this cartoon. So far, no editor has. Well, it is a little ambiguous, my favorite place to be. Originally, I meant that they should pretend to ignore any people, and since everyone is bigger than that, that would mean they ...

New Yorker cartoons

The Others

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three wise men bring a cool present to Jesus

“The Three Wise Men All Chip In for a Nice Satellite Dish” Assignment for Illustration Friday: Wise. Owl? Too obvious. Wise, as in smartass? Too snarky. So I went with…

New Yorker cartoons