The Adman Cartoon.

For Illustration Friday. Subject: Vacant.

Is he not vacant? Of course, it doesn’t have to be a man in advertising. Could be a hedge fund manager, too.

The Drawing.

I had fun with this Wacom brush and the colors.

This is from a very early drawing. He has a neck! I struggled with the eyes, and couldn’t figure out if the writing on his forehead was big enough to read. Why yes, it is!

Notice the hands. Cartoonists are notorious for drawing 3 or 4 fingers, especially in the comics (in the paper). The illustrious Marty Murphy says,

Indicate, don’t illustrate in cartoons.

Good point, Marty! But still, I like 5 fingers better, though maybe not as long as his are. I think there’s a medical word, actually, for his fingers.

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