Christmas is a time to score.

“Happiness is getting my paycheck and finding a clearance sale on the same day.” © D. Barstow

For Illustration Friday, topic: Similar.

Isn’t there some kind of milk called Similac? Anyway, my interpretation was SAME, similar to similar. Done on the fly.

This isn’t that funny. It’s more of a true thing – people like it because it’s about them, and speaks to their character. I do know the irresistible pull of a big sale – a deep, deep slashed first pick sale, with things in my size and colors. I notice one of the women has a MAC bag. That is because MAC is my favorite makeup ever. They never have sales (that I know of), but they are reasonably priced, and have very high quality cosmetics. (I have seen their collections discounted in an outlet store, but we don’t have any of those near here.) This is the time of year when they have Special Collections, like little teeny tiny lipsticks in a metal box, or brushes, or the greatest eye shadow pencils. They might be sold out already. Sigh.

Their lipstick and eyeshadow lasts for a long time on your lips and eyes, and the packaging is so well designed! I could go on and on, but then I’d have to go get my own bag of bag of MAC.

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