Santa in a funk.

“But it says here you have 350 years experience in overnight delivery.” ? D. Barstow 2009, All Rights Reserved.

I decorated my blog for Christmas! But does Santa seem depressed to you? Maybe it’s because we can’t see his rosy cheeks and red nose.

(There is a cartoonist that we all know, not naming no names, but here’s her book who draws her character only from the back! I can’t remember if any character in the panel has a face, but the main one has only hair. She said it’s because she can’t draw faces, but also because it lets Everywoman identify with her. Well, I guess so… As it happens, this cartoonist has connected with many pharmaceutical companies, so she’s doing well financially. Perhaps I can claim Santa has rosacea, and this will be my start to fame and fortune.)

Anyway, Santa is too good for the Post Office, but not savvy in applying for state unemployment. Anyone want to help him out?

Love this drawing!? It ran in a very happy paper with a happy editor this month.

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  1. Geri Mars said:

    I love your cartoon but have one request. If you’re going to start drawing your characters from behind, please, give them all GREAT buns.

    December 15, 2008

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