Still life with sneakers and clementine.

Avia gold running shoes and a perky Clementine.

Mervyn’s is going out of business. That makes me very very sad. I bought my underwear, jammies, workout wear, and most sneakers there. They didn’t have very good clothes, but they had a smart jewelry buyer, and I did like some of their fashion jewelry, and gold and silver.

I found these sassy running shoes at half off – they’re Avia, too. I never knew I wanted gold sneakers until now! They’re just this side of ghetto brassy. And yet so tastefully annointed, encased in powerful white stripes! The box describes the shoes as Avia Convexus – White, Natural, and Dark Purple- what, no love for the gold?! I wondered if the wrong shoes were in the box, but no, there is that little dab of purple at the heel and the top.

They’ll never look as new as this again, so here is my homage. I had a clementine on the counter, so there you go, the classic 3 objects that make good design. If you wish to do the same, found some similar crazy purple running shoes here. Free return shipping? Yeah, that’s crazy.

I was too late to get any good bras, though, damn it. Good bras are essential – at a good price, of course. I even liked their house brand, Partners. I went to a real bra fitter once, at Macy’s I think it was. I wanted an expert. She said the type I prefer is called torpedo shaped. Now, guys – (and there should not BE any men reading this, since this is Ladies Only), that doesn’t mean Madonna! Or just Madonna! We all get to pick our own shape.

Most of what they had left was padded (don’t need), and minimizers (don’t want.) Some things don’t need improvement.

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