Is that a parrot in your pocket?

“Check your zipper, buddy.” ? D. Barstow, 2009, All Rights Reserved.

…or are you just happy to see me?

I did a lot of pet store cartoons when I started out cartooning. Since I was so interested in pets, wouldn’t other people be? Well, Petco and Petsmart would agree with you, but grown-up magazines maybe not so much.

But I’ve sold a lot of bird cartoons! I do know my birds. I drew this one as a sort of crossover for the men’s magazines, Bird Talk and anyone who thought it was funny. This would be a great one for Playboy. They have a variety of work, some of them funny.

Oh, I have a great Playboy joke for you.

Q. How many women cartoonists have sold cartoons there?

A. Just one. Only they never published it!

And it wasn’t me, it was a friend. I have been in some big men’s magazines, but I won’t name them here. And they don’t use cartoons now anymore. :(

This is kind of loose, nay, even a sloppy drawing. And yet, it works! It’s for Illustration Friday, the subject: rambunctious. And if you don’t think big loud birds are rambunctious, you don’t have one. Even my parakeet is driving me crazy lately. He’s fallen in love with a pink pencil, and calls for it all the time.

This is the last Friday before Christmas, so Happy Pink Pencil day to everyone!


  1. hannah said:

    Drawings in adult magazine I think will be a great idea.. to make them more cheerful aside from the emotions they get reading the whole magazine.

    September 1, 2009
    • They have cartoons in some adult magazines, Hannah – Playboy, for one. I’ve sold to Penthouse, but they don’t use cartoons now.

      And Bird Talk often, although not always, carries cartoons. Although all the pet magazines would do better with more cartoons!

      September 2, 2009

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