Month: March 2009

"Now I'm confused. Is that a black hole, or the maws of AIG?" Cartoon ?D. Barstow 2009 NOTE: My political cartoons for Slate have all been moved to The Opposite of Wrong, where I skewer all the cartoons! Who doesn't love a cartoon bashing AIG, the worst insurance company of all time? And there's a dog in ...

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"I'm thinking about putting my face on our new product line, like Paul Newman does...would that turn you on?" ?D.Barstow 2009 I heart Paul Newman! Not so much for his movies, although he was great - but for entering my own life by doing movies on location, where I found him in person. I was dating the ...

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wolf cartoon

The subject this week for Illustration Friday is "intricate," and I found these wolves to be just so very detailed and particular. As it happens, this was also today's cartoon I did for Slate, so kill 2 with one stone, and all that good stuff! The Cartoon This took a long time to draw! I had to study ...

Slate cartoons

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I don't Watch TV Slate cartoons

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