Getting the E Ticket to Disneyland!

“Nice, but the one at Disneyland was better.” All rights ©D. Barstow 2009

The topic for Illustration Friday this week is “impossibility.”

Well, the suitcase is talking, right? And sometimes it seems an impossibility that I’m a real cartoonist. More later.


Notice anything different? I’m redoing the colors & tweaking the design. This takes forever, as I never learned CSS properly – and actually, I don’t know who has memorized the mess, anyway. Does anyone know a css app that would be helpful with this, maybe have shortcuts? Anyway, comments on the changes are welcome.

The Drawing & idea

Once upon a time, there used to be many magazines and papers that used cartoons, and one that bought a lot was called something like Travel Weekly, or Travel & Conventions. (actually, I forget the name, but it was out of NJ.) You know it’s an older cartoon because no one carries suitcases like this anymore! It’s all soft poochy things, or ones that have wheels, that have soft flexible sides. That are getting smaller each year, to fit the airlines new regulations and extra charges.

Anyway, a good portion of travel time seems to be spent at the carousel, waiting for baggage to come down, and wondering if someone, anyone, will pick me up to take me to the next destination. Cause they have to wait for me, to wait for the bags, to wait for the handlers…

It’s just a quick sketch, that took longer than I would have liked, since I didn’t know how to draw the carousel.

Which brings us to Disneyland. When I first moved out here, I kept hearing about Knott’s Berry Farm, and the name alone was enough to turn me off.

“Oh, they make their own jelly!”


But apparently they had rides, too. And Six Flags did, too! We only had one tiny amusement park back east that was only open in the summer, or the Boardwalk, which was even smaller, and also only open in summer, of course. So I tried all of them.

Disneyland – really interesting rides, and we even take some of them twice. The lines are terrible. Everything costs too much. Too many kids.

Knotts – They sell more than jelly, and the food is okay. Kind of fun to walk around the little western towns and exhibits. And the rides are really good – not as nauseous, but creative.

Six Flags Magic Mountain – I’ve only been twice, and that was 10 years ago. Nice drive up there. 4 or 5 of the best rides were closed or broken!! Really annoying to find that out AFTER you pay full price. It looked like some gangs were there – screaming teens not amusing.

Knotts Scary Farm – ABSOLUTELY the best! Wish I could go every year.

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