Warning to all cartoonists.

If you found this page it means that Womanist Musings, the site that hates women, is still making money from the junk she makes up about people. She stole one of my cartoons, and maybe a second, I’m not sure, and took it down only when I threatened to call her host.

I don’t know anything about this woman except that she’s African-American and likes to hate people. Especially white people, apparently. Especially white women. She is anonymous, so already she’s an anonymous asshole, right? She makes blog money from readers like you, who keep coming back to the hate and rage and the copycat ?news?? on her site. This site steals from real news sources,? since no one there is a real journalist, and otherwise she would have no content at all!

After investigating her really weird post about me, I’m embarrassed for her, though, to be honest. She’s obviously a very sad woman, who hates an entire race. She is, honestly, the worst sexist and racist I’ve seen in years. Here she is again, at Feministe:

There is however another group of women which I hold in equal contempt; and they would be the Pearl Clutchers. You know who you are. The oh noez not me crowd. You are the kind of woman that professes to be all about equality, until a WOC [woman of color] has the nerve to point her finger at you and say the word privilege…

Here is a newsflash: The oppressor does not get to tell the oppressed what is and isn?t oppression.

The entire world caters to you pearl clutchers ,and I for one need a break from the bullshit. Don?t upset the fragile white woman, the mother of the great race.

I’ve never heard the term pearl clutcher before…and that’s because she apparently invented it! Her posts are in the top 5 for Google for that phrase. I guess all white women get slammed with that label in her world. I suspect that she’s suffering from paranoia, and possibly schizophrenia…

And yet…Blogher continues to support her by giving her ads!!! Amazing what businesses will do for money, isn’t it, even if the site is ANTI-WOMEN and racist!! New!? Blogher offers a variety of bloggers now: Stay at home moms (vomit), scrapbookers, and….racists!

Womanist Musings claims to promote women ? while slamming EVERYBODY, including the women she claims to respect! She pretends that she is presenting the news ? while copying and lifting the news whole from real, hardworking journalists! She pretends to be open-minded and oh so liberal ? while hating everyone who doesn?t think like she does, and trying to destroy all white women, apparently.

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I stand behind all my work, and I use my real name, unlike her or other crazies on that site. I also do cartoons that treat everyone fairly, while slamming politicians, or countries,? if they screw up. So you get to decide now who to like, and who to believe.

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