I was so depressed, the merry month of May.

Some good things happened in May, but I can’t think of that many right off the bat. Mostly I was dealing with having my cartoons stolen and used in certain liberal hate websites. I certainly haven’t finished with that yet. And then being called the R word (r-acist) in those hate sites. (I told an editor at the LA Times that this crap had happened and that I was being called the “r” word. He said, “What do you mean?” I blushed a little (even though it was on the phone) and said, “r- acist“, and he said, “Oh. I thought you meant Republican.” Those wacky LA Times editors! Oh, and it was Tony Pierce. :) )

  • I did do some excellent new cartoons for Slate. Always happy when I like my own work.
  • I got Wonkette to stop using my cartoons, after weeks of the most vicious, vile, sexist comments there, in the usual spewing Gawker way.? Also, their hotlinking is not cool,? and is theft of bandwidth. Actually, I notice Wonkette hardly links to anyone. Great, non-2.0, selfish policy you got there, people.
  • I got to go on John & Ken! You can listen here: podcast or here
  • I gained 5 pounds this year, which is most decidedly NOT good, and I know it’s because of the stress of adding on political cartoons, and Slate. But I’ve lost one of those pounds, and hope I’m on the way down now.
  • I’ve always been impressed by the outspoken, beautiful rabble-rouser, Jill Stewart, and she wrote a little something on me in the LA Weekly.

Also, because I ignored most media for a while, I got to concentrate on my new blog, The Opposite of Wrong, my political and editorial cartoons.

I really love designing new WordPress blogs! It’s very frustrating at times, but so much fun to kick it into what you want it to do, and want it to look like.? I love the way this new one turned out – uses fonts as a big part of the design. I had been thinking for a while that I wanted to separate my political cartoons from general gag cartoons. Really, they’re two different genres! And after the maelstrom last month, when the bad libs decided they should find out everything about me they could – including the name of my CANARY – I decided I really want to separate the two. This is my New Yorker cartoons and whatever entertains me. That is my political cartoons. Okay.

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