Oops, I just upgraded to WordPress 2.7

Old theme (template) doesn’t work…shoot. I only put about 50 hours into it over the past year, tweaking, punching it up. And now it won’t work with this new upgrade. It’s true that WP has thousands of free themes. But this was MY theme.

I do like part of this new theme – very modern structure w/ a lot of fun add-ons. I changed a lot. I kind of mashed up Copyblogger theme with this one, the first free theme by Blog Perfume. But I don’t know if it says CARTOONS exactly! Comments? I’ll be tweaking it anyhow, because I just love tinkering with WordPress themes, but I didn’t know I’d have to say goodbye so suddenly to my old theme, which was totally Donna, so I’m in shock…

I feel that any theme or template I pick should enhance the cartoons, or at least not distract from them. That’s a challenge, as some themes are gorgeous. These are some strong colors in here, too. But being on the inside column, I think my cartoons should still stand on their own…Anyhoo, I’ll? continue to tweak this behind the scenes,? because this new dashboard is kind of fun, and none of the plugins are activated yet. (And never you mind your pretty head about this tech talk. Just sit back and enjoy the show.)

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