Is he a good dancer?

Ah, time for a new topic in Illustration Friday: Tango. I’m a fanatic watcher of Dancing with the Stars, but not a dancer myself (except for a little ballet in my own living room.) I still can’t tell all the dances apart, but I do know that the Tango, and particularly the Argentine Tango is HOT.

One of the things judges look for in this dance are flecks. At least I thought that was what I thought they were saying; Bruno with his Italian accent, Dancemastr with his English accent, and Carrie Anne with her mumbling. It’s flicks.

I like flecks better.

tango cartoon
"He has an attitude like the flicks of an Argentine tango." ?D.Barstow

Love the colors in this.


  1. Rui Sousa said:

    Fantastic work, very pretty! Excellent interpretation about the week?s subject!

    July 24, 2009
  2. Thanks very much, Rui! Again, thank you for commenting, and saying something so kind.

    July 24, 2009

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