Predictions for Jillian Harris and The Bachelorette Finale!

I have my sources. But it occurs to me that maybe others don’t, and they don’t know where to go to get the great gossip and stories.

I’m not on this journey alone. My first stop for all TV shows is Television Without Pity. I can’t believe everyone doesn’t know about and read this, but I ran into George Pennachio, Entertainment reporter for ABC here, (who doesn’t seem gay in person…) at an LA Press Club event and he had never read TWOP! Weird!? Everything is moderated on this board, so it’s mostly spelled, makes logical sense, and is written by intelligent, thoughtful viewers. Barnes is the mod now, and I think she’s the worst mod on TWOP, but c’est la vie. Mods are the reason I never write in those forums. I only read, and I read A LOT.

Next is Fans of Reality TV, or FORT as most call it. These writers have big colorful gravatars that they change frequently with favorite screen shots and contestant bio pics. They don’t write too good. Sometimes it’s a complete sentence. I think they’re mostly housewives, because they have a LOT of time on their hands to sleuth and analyze screen shots to figure out the winner, and find the Facebook and MySpace pages from first name only contestants on the shows. ? They are kind of naive, but an enthusiastic bunch, and I like to read when they write live while the show is on. (TWOP doesn’t allow this.) Downside: the servers crash towards the end of each Bachelorette season, so they close the board on show nights, if you’re not a member.

Way, way down, is the scary boards, the ABC forum. I just assume people? who go here haven’t found the other 2 boards! Most of these people are out of their minds, and dumb as rocks. That’s a dangerous combo. Half of them make up outrageous rumors, and the other half believe every word of them. Spoilers abound.

The ABC boards can be amusing if you are in a certain state of mind, like, desperate for info.

Other good places:

Chris Harrison’s blog, new this year, which is often funny, and always entertaining. He toes the company line, of course, but that’s to be expected. Thumbs up. On the other hand, the recaps, by Kristen Baldwin, also on, are not funny, but rather harsh. I stopped reading them.

Jillian Harris has her own blog on People! She doesn’t give secrets out, (nor does Chris, of course), but her behind the scene stuff is good, and she also reacts to the comments. She’s a girly girl. She’s so cool.

Trista also started a blog this year! It’s fun to read her take on the Bachelors and on Jilly Bean and her choices, as of course Trista did the same thing, lo those many years ago. Unfortunately, it seemed like she was a little jealous – keeps saying how lucky Jillian was to travel to all these places, but a great group of guys. She disagrees more and more with Jillian’s choices as the show progresses, and really tears into Wes as “filth”. She also gives Chris H a tongue bath in each post. Trista, you know how TB works! Producers and editing!

I also found Chris Harrison tweeting on Twitter, and from there found Deanna, Graham, Jeremy, and Trista on Twitter, too! It’s very very fun to see what they tweet about.

Last, I found a great recap site: I hate green beans. She’s funny, but not too mean. (Although I don’t like her site template that much, and recommend this one instead, which is also green, and downright stylish!)

I just found this great interview with Jilly BEFORE the final rose ceremony! Isn’t that kind of unusual? I guess they knew she would pull it off. Parts I liked:

Jillian later elaborated on what she meant when she called her family “liberal”: To me, the definition of liberal is just not taking life too seriously, and trying to be a good person. Trying to have a good time, and filling your life full of laughter and being able to forgive. And not over-analyzing things. (In my earlier recap, remember how I said she was forgiving?!)

What can you tell us about that mysterious night with Ed, that seemed edited in certain ways to suggest certain things?
A bottom line is: whatever is shown on TV is what you get to see. You can assume, and anything can be insinuated from that. Because a lot of assumptions from that episode were very specific, I will just paint the picture of what that day was like: we were both stressed out. I think Ed was almost on the verge of a nervous breakdown just from all the stress of what he was going through. His parents were there, we both got sunburns with blisters the next day. That day I was nauseous, and there was no A/C in the room, because the A/C in the room makes noise so they have to shut it off. It was probably in the 90s or the 80s in that room. It was sweltering hot. And I was talking to him about ex-girlfriends, and this really uncomfortable conversation. And I think he was ready to throw up. And when I was rubbing oil on him, they made it look really sexy, but at the time, I’m telling you, there was nothing sexy about it. It was aloe vera, and we were both so awkward. And by the time the cameras left, we just both passed out. In the morning, I think we were both just very nervous, or not nervous, but stressed out that we hadn’t used our time to see if we had a physical connection. I think people will always assume what they want to assume, and that’s just the nature of the beast.

Wes has recently come out and said he had a bad edit, and that he didn’t say he had a girlfriend. Does any of that change your opinion of him?
My opinion doesn’t change of him… I am so disappointed by the amount of negative stuff out there on the Internet and in the media about Wes, and even me. There’s lots of great stuff, too. It is so stressful seeing negative things about yourself on the Internet… He deserves to be happy, I hope he finds himself, I hope he never signs up for a reality show ever again, and I hope he learns now that words are very powerful.

I think Michael Stagliano and his brother would make great Bachelors! They have such great energy and they’re ready to be married. (I don’t! Can’t stand Michael.)

You seem really comfortable on TV. Have you ever thought about dovetailing TV with your design work?
It’s not my biggest priority right now. I know my friends and family are itching for me to get back on TV to do something with fashion or design. The decision I made at the end of the show is really my biggest priority right now. After that, I will see if there’s an opportunity. I’m an opportunist. (So am I! I hope she does a show!)

I don’t read spoilers at all, so I avoid Reality Steve, who is the first goto for many Bachelorette addicts. Strange guy, who is apparently even more obsessed with? The Bachelorette than some of us. I thought it was mostly girls who watched it…but he goes after stories like a real reporter. I did listen to one radio interview he did with Deanna, and apparently he has another good one, over 1 and 1/2 hours, with Wes Hayden who explains how the producers butchered him.? But spoilers? They are for bratty boys and girls who won’t take no for an answer, and need to spoil all the fun by finding out the ending first. Bah.

My season summary for TB is here, in case you missed it. At this point, I’m almost sure Ed is the winner. Why so many believe that it could possibly be Reid is confusing to me. He was so wishy-washy – “MAYBE I could propose.” I didn’t think it was cute. Not that someone has to propose at all – Kiptyn said probably not. But Reid won’t discuss anything, like where to live, what would happen, nothing. Gah.

But that ring Reid holds at the end is a mystery. I think I hate friendship rings. WTH are they about?! I do think he’ll be the next Bachelor. But ditch the ring, Reid.

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