Last Jillian interview before the Final Rose!

From TVWatch about Ed:

After the fantasy date, I questioned if he was attracted to me physically or if it was just nerves. After he came back, it was more stressful and serious and we weren?t having the same amount of fun anymore ?

Boy, isn’t that the truth. This is why the 2nd go-round with a man has never worked for me. I’m not mad by that point, or even pouting – I just don’t like them anymore.

Watch out – WARNING!!!!!!!!! POSSIBLE SPOILER! for the first comment there, which is a total spoiler, and why I HATE these sites that allow just anyone to comment. Lea says:

It?s confirmed she already picked ED as F1. Also, from all her latest blog & interviews she?s giving clues that?s it?s ED. Jillian said that,?women will be proud of what she did??seriously??proud that she broke Reids heart twice?and being very unclassy w/ED in the FS. Shamefull more like it. Knowing the outcome?I won?t be watching on Monday cuz I?ve invested way too much time in this season?only to be disappointed.

Such a bitter, wretched witch, that has to spoil the show and mystery for millions because her poor little heart is twisted. Also, I hate anyone named Lea now.

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