Jillian is left-handed, and got 3 proposals!

When our Bachelorette, Jillian Harris,? was writing a letter (in reply to letters from Ed and Kiptyn? – we never got to see that scene), her left-handedness was revealed. She’s just that special!

It really was an eventful Final Rose Ceremony. Jillian did glow, and she looked beautiful. The Bachelors looked properly nervous. There were rings. And Reid…did show up, and to Fleiss’s great satisfaction and relief, humiliated himself by asking Jillian to marry him when she already loved another.

Photo from The Monitor, from the LA Times.

Comments from Television Without Pity:

Reid didn’t seem that broken up by being turned down. I’m of the belief he’s been asked to be the next Bachelor, and this was part of the deal. They like their Bachelors to be jilted now and this ups the ‘ah, poor Reid’ quotient. I would hope if he really was there to propose seriously that he would have chosen to tuck his shirt in and wear something other then tennis shoes.

It was interesting to see Chris actually giving Jillian advice about how to handle Reid’s return. Has he ever done that before? But the million-dollar question in my mind is: why did they keep hiding Reid’s face? When he got down on one knee and said, “I love you,” we didn’t see him say it. We only saw Jillian’s face during that whole scene. Why? Hmmmmmm?.

I noticed the missing camera shots of Reid, too. Usually she pushes them into prime lens territory, so…was the camera on the blink?

Other stuff: The volcano erupting as Jillian and Ed retired into the bedroom suite was hysterical. See, the Editor at The Bachelorette does have a sense of humor. The other time I laughed out loud is when the red station wagon pulled up and Reid stepped out in his white sneaks and some half-assed clothes that I’m sure they told him to wear.And did the producers tell them to say “pumped” all those times?! Funny comment on TWOP:

Well, hell, I totally called that wrong. I was positive that right after the light clicked off in that suite, the camera would pan outside to Wes and his band singing the “Viva, Viagra!” song.

Photo from Trista's blog on E Online.

I thought Ed’s visit with her parents went very well, and he was so sincere with her father I got tears in my eyes.

For the first time this season, Kiptyn was fleshed out as a character; I believe he did fall in love with her, and was crushed at her rejection.

Reid said on After the Final Rose that he bought the ring himself, and he “pulled strings” to get back to Hawaii to be able to propose to her. I guess he figured if Ed could do it, he could be successful at that trick, too. But if I describe Kiptyn as fleshed out, in the Hollywood script sense, I think this whole side to Reid was very out of character! I am shocked he could flip-flop so strongly: not be able to even say the word love one day, to proposing marriage the next. Hard to believe.

Last night I thought she was torn about Reid, but knew Ed was her man. But the ratings were so great Monday night, they ran it again tonight, and on 2nd viewing, I thought she came very close to changing her mind about Reid when he proposed, and I’ve decided she really did love him, although obviously not enough. I had no idea she felt that strongly about him. They both surprised me. He was really raw, confronting her on After the Final Rose – talk about AWKWARD. I don’t know how Chris can stand the silence, without jumping in. There’s a good interviewer for ya!

From Chris Harrison’s delightful blog:

If you ask Jillian about that final day and Reid coming back she’ll tell you it was always Ed all the way. I understand her position and if I was engaged to somebody else I would probably paint the same picture. I don’t doubt for a second that Jillian loves Ed and I know that was what she wanted the moment she woke up that morning. But I also know that there was serious temptation when Reid came back and that temptation did lead to a moment of doubt. Luckily Jillian had the poise to walk away and try and collect her thoughts.

If you ask me to be honest about it, I have to admit for a moment there I really thought she was going to take Reid back.

I think this season proves that you really can love 2 men at once. But the producers (Fleiss, and Evil Writers) really jerked Jillian around this season, making her go through the agony of rejecting Reid twice.?? A sarcastic commenter at TWOP:

Gee, wouldn’t it be great if the next bachelor was someone the fans already kind of like, and wouldn’t it be even better if everyone felt so bad for him because he really ‘put himself out there’ and made a desperate plea for Jillians’ affections, and after much deliberation, she finally tells him that she wants the guy she originally wanted…..and wouldn’t it be even better if he showed up in some simple mini van looking all disheveled, like he hadn’t been sleeping well, and hadn’t been able to think of anything but Jillian, so how could he possibly look sharp….wouldn’t that be just the coolest finale ever?

Everyone agrees the ring Ed picked was hideous. I worried that meant he would lose! I never knew I disliked pear-shaped stones so much before…But I’ve never wanted a diamond anyway. Colored stones for me. People on Jillian’s ring.

Last, but not least, it wouldn’t be a good post without including one of the bitter commenters, the viewers who furious that Jillian didn’t do what they wanted her to:

I was disappointed in tonight’s epi. I don’t like Ed at all, and see him as an opportunistic phony. Too bad Gillian couldn’t see that, and got swept away by the fact that they probably slept together, and the fact that its just storybook romantic to have him come back and be “more devoted than ever”. I would have chosen someone who stayed the entire time, and not shown disloyalty by leaving in the first place. I don’t like her much herself anyway, I felt she based all her choices on who she liked kissing the most. I mean, I know no one really falls in love on this show, and its usually based on lust anyway, but she seemed to have less of a clue what to look for in a man than anyone I’ve seen on the show before. I thought she was a moron the whole show, and its no wonder she’s still alone. She prefers jerks like Ed and Wes to real men like Kipton and Luke. Whatever.

I don’t know who Luke is. Well, I do know, but he doesn’t belong in this post. Wah, The Bachelorette is over!! :( Come back, Jillian and Ed! Real soon!

PS on Left-handed folks: I think most left-handed people are more creative – just irks me that I’m not! I try not to dwell on it. Greg Evans, creator of LuAnn, one of my favorite comics, agrees with my theory that most cartoonists are left-handed, and actually did a survey to prove his point…

Photo from The Monitor, from the LA Times.? Wish I could say it was worth reading, but the guy who wrote it isn’t into the show, and it shows. Boring. Plus he uses it for his own agenda, to get more minorities on TV. Hey, try the op-ed section, dude.

Photo from Trista’s blog on E Online.

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