One-minute book reviews.

I’m a very very very busy person. You may be, too. Books are great, yeah, and fark Google, too, right? Live books are the real deal. But time is precious, gotta hurry on. So here’s all you need to know about these books. Amazon will give you more opinions by readers.

But I really don’t think you’ll need them.

1960s Fashion Print: A Sourcebook
by Marnie Fogg. Flower Power up close. Beautifully designed, with embossing on the cover and semi-matte pages inside. The comments on the fabrics were interesting, though repetitive, and I liked knowing more about fabrics and how they’re designed. I love fabric, and collect way too much of it when I’m in a store or see some at a yard sale. It’s very heavy, and takes up too much room! But honestly? Wish I had the 1950’s or 1930’s fabrics instead. [/pout]

Made from Scratch: Discovering the Pleasures of a Handmade Life
The chapters on living on the land – well, they aren’t.? The author was a web designer who lived a year in a rented house in Idaho, and pretended she had a farm! Still, she did try beekeeping, rabbits, chickens. And she sold the book, didn’t she? Totally worth it. And I like web designers. Somehow, she made these little experiments suspenseful. As she tried each new husbandry or skill I had to read to the end to see what happened.

Furry Logic Laugh at Life
The illustrations by Jane Seabrook are a kind of botanical drawing/cartoon of the animals. There are hundreds of little pen strokes for the fur ~ the animals have an expression, like people animals. Ugh. There is a (not funny) line of text or quote opposite each drawing. I’m not wild about the colors in here. This book didn’t make me feel good.

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