Google is a prude and hates chocolate chip cookies.

Remember when I wrote a couple of months ago that Google decided it hated me, sent me to my room, and took away my traffic? I had read on one of the sites I researched there that it could be because of one squiffy iffy comment that appeared in his site when he was out of town and couldn’t monitor it. I thought that was strange. I couldn’t find anything iffy on my site besides my political cartoons. I don’t even have hardly any swear words. But today I found out why!

Quick, go to this post about the power of chocolate chip cookies. It’s one of my most popular pages, because it has a cartoon about Freudian Slips. (It’s my 5th most popular page this month. Even more popular is my post on Glee, because every one in the universe wants to know if it’s a gay show! ) Now, you tell me, would anyone reading that post think it was some kind of “pron” site? Yet I just discovered tonight, while checking out something else on the blog, that there are no adsense ads there! It’s totally blank!

Now, it originally had a couple of different words there. I’ll hyphenate them here, just to be safe. The title was, She needs therapy, or good s-ex, take your pick. Who in their right mind would say that is suggestive?!

Also, instead of asshat, I had A##h… and a couple more symbols. Does Google think that is swearing?! Has it never read cartoons before?

I am not changing any more words until I see what happens next on that page. The word s-ex is still in the title on the headline of the title bar, if you’ll notice. I might have to change the permalink to take the se-x word out. Can you believe this?!

This proves that Google is really Big Brother, condemning the most innocent ideas as trash. It really is a horrible monopoly, stealing the copyright of images everywhere, orphan books, out of print books, and anything else it thinks it can get away with.

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