More One-Minute Book Reviews.

Forget Wordless Wednesday. At least for my cartoons. I rarely like silent cartoons, and what’s the point, anyway? :) In fact, I once redesigned my stationary, back when people used it, to read, “because pictures speak louder with words.”

Here are more words, some books for you, but all of them have pix.

My Home, My Money Pit: Your Guide to Every Home Improvement Adventure by Tom Kraeutler & Leslie Segrete. Apparently they do some radio show, but I’ve never heard it. Large size softcover, with many colorful little bars and pockets of tips, secrets, and anecdotes show they do know good design! I’d call this a starter book for home improvement. Mostly I read the chapters on Bathrooms and Kitchens. No new ideas for me, and no examples of finished projects, which is a bummer, but I did enjoy reading them. (I used to be addicted to Pardon Our Dust when the LA Times ran that column! Alas, gone now.) Also the chapters on Curb Appeal and 50 design projects for under $50 were good.

Also, they say TWICE that good landscaping adds 15% of the property value to the home, which is why LA should sue the DWP and Street Service lowlife unlicensed tree trimmers that ruin both our air and the value of our properties.

Dream Big by Ian Falconer. This is part of the series of books about Olivia the pig that you’ve seen all over the place for a few years. Stupendous.

olivia pig

This designer/illustrator is the perfect combination of cartoon and design and whimsy. The pig is usually white, grey, red, and black. Such important colors. In or out of her costumes. You can’t beat that color combo, ever!! It’s a really beautiful book. I think this is a re-grouping of illustrations in his other picture books, which I was kind of disappointed in – I like a book to be whole, not some re-do. But it’s still wonderful, with matte, creamy thick paper. The cover even has textured fuzz on top of Olivia’s blanket!

Oh, and the author looks really gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…. But I notice he also designs for the ballet. Just saying. I always look at the author.

Hands and Feet: 100 Pampering Tricks (100 Tips)– 100 pampering tricks by Carol Morley. Okay, maybe not the best title. Beautifully designed little handbag-sized book, by Time-Life; my, how Time has changed their direction! Carol is the illustrator, and she does most of the work, that’s for sure. The illustrations are nice, very design-y. Don’t remember anything I read on what to do with my hands and feet.

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