One minute movie reviews.

Life is short. Time is precious. Movies are only 2 hours long. I can’t invest too much time or thought in them, but some are enjoyable, and stick to your mind like post-it notes.

Let me know if any of these stick in your mind…or craw.

Bark! I hate indie films. Please don’t make me watch them. But this had Lisa Kudrow and didn’t sound too weird, so I took a chance on it. Kind of funny! There were only a few scenes where they “experimented” and got “edgy.” A man’s wife decides she’s a dog. (no animation, no talking dogs, just an actress.) Good actress, and husband was a good actor. People try to figure her out. There’s a romance. I liked it.

Lisa K might think about trying to stretch her acting repertoire. She has the power. And the Amazon reviewers are right – the cover for this really truly sucks.

The Sixth Sense (Collector’s Edition Series)
The Sixth Sense, with good old Bruce Willis. I know, it’s really really old. Sorry! For reasons too long to get into, (these reviews can only be a minute in length) a great friend left a pile of movies and a box of Junior Mints on my doorstep one day, and this was in there, so I thought, well, I’ll TRY it again.

For some reason, I really noticed the quiet cinematography this time. In Philly, yay, with skies and weather you rarely see in movies. The whole movie is really good, and, okay, I cried a little, again.

the return gellar

The Return (Widescreen Edition)

With Sarah Michelle Gellar. Gah, is she a bad actress. And the bf was kind of abusive. Horror? Fantasy? Stupid. Sucks.

Come back later for more one-minute movie reviews!

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