Cartoonists who don’t bother, discover twitter anyway.

This tweet below, from a man who is one of the best selling single-panel cartoonists in the country -? his drawings of big nose, big feet, bug eyes, to go with his obvious gags, must please the most obvious editors, obviously.

I do so many tech cartoons, I figure it’s time to get on Twitter and see what it’s all about.

Ya think?

This is why single panel cartoons and magazine cartoons are a dying breed. There are many cartoonists like him, using a style they learned 40 years ago, with the same type of 1950’s humor – ie, puns, a word twist, easy stuff. No thought or research required. Stuck in their own rut, afraid to try anything new. Whatever works, right?

I’m a pragmatic capitalist, so yeah, up to a point.

But it’s not art, and you’re not trying, and you don’t care, and I could never call you a good cartoonist. Even though I wish I had your income.

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