Recap with comments, DWTS, Season 9. Aaron leaves.

Disappointing, but expected to see Aaron leave. Boy, I got tears in my eyes when Len gave him that special tribute at the end, and said he was like a son! He didn’t have to do that. Someone commented that they’re not watching DWTS to see therapy, but I am!

He learned how to control himself, and that will take him far in life. And I thought Karina was about as good a teacher as I’ve ever seen her. Very focused on him.

aaron carter karina dancingMeanwhile, bratty Kelly jumps for joy when he goes and she stays. Sure, she came up to hug him after – learned that in reality TV, did ya? Whatever. I can’t see her appeal at all. I guess I should just be happy I don’t crazy hate her, like Marie, or Chloris (the show killed her, folks, not me) or the worst ringer ever, Kristi the automaton.

Aside from results, a pretty good show! Liked the singers. I was looking forward to seeing Susan Boyle. Not stupendous, but very good. I loved her dignity, and her tiny little waves, like the Queen does! And I usually don’t like many dancers besides our own, but the couple on Michael Buble’s last dance was so good! I was taken with the yellow and black costumes, but it wasn’t just that – they really stood out.

Other dancing: Tony and Chelsie not as good as with Julianne. Also, those were some weird gymnastics she was doing. Not very dancy. And the Macy’s dance…first of all, my heart sank when I realized Mark Ballas was going to dance with Sabrina. Oh, that’s funny, NOT. How can I even pay attention when I know these 2 are exes??? What idiots to vote for them both. Plus…I don’t want to dis Derek’s best friend, but I can’t stand Mark B. Watching him in the group dance last night, he just always looks like he’s showing off himself, not his partner.

Which is also why I preferred Jonathan to Maks tonight. Maks is handsome, but the look on Jonathan’s face is so loving, and his movements so caring, I just want to be there!

Dance Center terrific. I think Kenny should speak a little slower, because every line is great, and I don’t want to miss any. Lots of LOL parts. Loved the clip with them all doing that line dance!

Anna and JonathanSome notable comments from the lovely people at Television without Pity below.

Twenty seconds into the show was all it took to give me some more grassy knoll fodder, lol. Bringing up Mya and Dmitry’s samba while trying to justify the futuristic paso doble as the encore was just weird and shady/sketchy. I don’t remember the show ever doing that before, i.e. explicitly explaining why they didn’t choose another dance, and singling out another couple.

That was strange.

Well, hopefully everyone is happy that Aaron is gone and they can enjoy the sub par dancing of Kelly for another week.

Kelly ? you are now dead to me. I don?t care how much of a douche you think someone on this show is, if it?s between you and him and he is voted off, you don?t immediately squeal with glee upon hearing you?re safe. Unless you?re lacking in class and maturity, which?well, there you go.

Of course, many people leaped to her defense. They are the reason that letting people vote in this country is a bad idea.

I also agree that while I think Kelly was tactless in that moment there at the end, I don’t think it was about not liking Aaron or being glad he was eliminated. It doesn’t make me dislike her, though I would hope she doesn’t do that again.

I think Kelly just got excited. I don’t think there was anything malicious or particularly tactless about it.

Even when her dancing is barely in the ballpark (and sometimes not even that), she & Louis have terrific chemistry & almost always get the crowd into it.

I forgot to mention how very randy offensive Mark and Sabrina’s dance was. Is he turning into his father already?

Skipped the DaD and only caught the end with Mark’s laying on top of Sabrina with his face buried in Sabrina’s chest. Lovely. Can they move past season 5 now?

WTF was that one move near the end of Mark and Sabrina’s paso? It looked like they were getting into position for some awkward kama sutra sex. Does anybody else know what I’m talking about?

I know the move you are talking about I think – was it the one where she hiked up her skirt and awkwardly waddled her way up his chest while he was bent backwards…

Other comments:

To the unknown professional ballroom dancers to Michael Buble?s ?Feelin? Good? ? you are really rather awesome. The dancers during “Feeling Good” were so good, fantastic ballroom dancing.

Hugh Hefner in the audience? Creepy old man and his new “girlfriends” were not attractive at all.

This is the season I’ve FF the most, and watched the least.

I’m so disappointed I still have to look at Joanna and her…altered….face. It’s a shame she did whatever she did, cause she clearly is stunning, before plastic surgery.

Jonathan and Maks should never dance together. It only shows how inferior he is to Maks. [WRONG!]

My prediction: Mya’s freestyle (perhaps to another disco song?) will be technically perfect but with no connection, and depending on how many Non-Len-Sanctioned Moves (NLSMs)they put in there, should score very well. Derek’s freestyle will have Joanna not doing anything that involves her running or moving her legs too much, will have no NLSMs and their score will be determined by whether Joanna trips over something or not. Louis’, if they make it that far, will involve Kelly doing a ballroom dance so she can be etheral, also no NLSMs, and will be in odd costumes that I wish Kelly would stop designing. And Donny’s and Kym’s will be fun and content loaded, likely something akin to their charlseton with no NLSMs, but not too fast so Donny can keep up.

Please tell me that Dance Center will show up for the finals, only with shiny eye shadow? and, um, Adam Carolla?

From your comment to ABCs ears!

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  1. Trish said:

    Maks danced most of the dance with Anna T. lol They make a cute dance couple.

    November 11, 2009
    • Yes, they do! But when Jonathan did spin Anna around…and at the end, he looks so loving!

      November 11, 2009

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