Glee, stop trying to teach us lessons.

Well…this is one of the few good new shows this season, so Glee is on my must-watch list. But tonight proves what a schizophrenic show it is; it’s trying to drag in both adults and, well, all the rest of you.

glee_sexy willThey alternate between grown-up situations, like adultery (or thinking about it, as Jimmy Carter would say), compromise in ethics or one’s goals, and life -changing decisions, and for the kiddies, after school specials, problems like who gets the solo, what is “really cool”, and how to come out to your father over and over and over. (Kurt is a great singer, bad actor. Everything he says is camp, flaming, and not believable. Especially when he tries to do the loving, fashion-whore son.)

Will is the main character. He’s the teacher of Glee Club. I like that he has flaws, is not socially adept at reading people, or at least women (his wife’s non-pregnancy), and his pig-headedness. Yet many viewers complain that they wish the show would drop all the teachers. Someone show them the way towards the CW.

Also, it’s so so so gay. Not to mention politically correct. Yeah, I know, some of it’s on purpose. It’s the major part that is so tedious and repetitive.

Episode concentrated on Artie, kid in wheelchair. So then everyone had to sit in a wheelchair for the rest of the episode. Say, did everyone LEARN TODAY’S LESSON yet? I like the actor Artie – really, it’s the good singers and actors who lift this show beyond the treacly writing – and his story. And his date with Tina was obvious, so-so.

Teacher-writers, why did I have to take this class episode? I didn’t sign up for it!

I like the pregnant Quinn actress a lot, so she can do anything in my eyes, even be mean to both her boyfriends. Her cooking scene with Puck was cute. And her fear about the future…man, that’s scary. But why was it okay that Puck absconded the bake sale money and put pot in the cupcakes? Really? Yet Will’s wife got fired for giving the kids over the counter pseudoephedrine – (Vitamin D!).

What tells me most about the audience are the reactions on TWOP. This show gets more pages than almost anything this season, I think, and they’re all positive. Just read 6 pages out of 12 on this episode, and had to stop at the sugar. Not ONE thoughtful, insightful or even slightly negative reaction. The grownups have left the room.

From Television Without Pity:

A GOOD Penis joke. [No, no it wasn’t.]

Can’t say enough about the Sue bit. It could have come off as fake, but Jane sold it. [This I agree with. Her scene with her sister had me in tears.]

Geez Sue, YOU aren’t the one who is supposed to make me cry on this show.

Pot cupcakes. Funny Penis joke.

I could NOT stop laughing after “I find recipes…confusing.” [good delivery.]

Rachel being a Diva (not in the sense of being a female singer, but in being presumptive and spoiled) is necessary, but I DO wish they’d stop “giving” her the same lesson week after week. WE GOT IT.

An Artie centered episode, that wasn’t Artie centered. Not surprising really. Not even surprising that he only got like 5 minutes in the episode. I think this episode really showed that Artie, Mercedes & Tina will be lucky to get their five minutes per-episode. [I guess that’s why this is an ensemble show. Duh.]

The only thing I can complain about this hour was the return of the Will/Emma storyline shown in the previews. I really wish the show would drop that storyline altogether. Every time it’s shoved down our faces it really does drag the episode down, not to mention eats away precious time to focus on other storylines that have yet to be fully fleshed out, for instance, some kind of backstory on Tina would be appreciated.

LOVED LOVED LOVED every bit of this episode.

And so I quit reading TWOP, at least for this week.

Sure, I’ll be back to watch Glee again. I have to find out if Will is going to have an affair with or fall in love with Emma, don’t I?

Photo of Will, the grownup, from here.

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