Singing in the grave.

Time for a new cartoon! Actually, although the color is new, this is quite? old – one of the first cartoons I ever did, and part of a series I did with coffins. I was surprised, death is a fairly common topic with cartoonists – I heard Bob Mankoff, cartoon editor of the New Yorker, say that he gets a fair number of dead cartoons each week.

old song in graveyard cartoon
Raindrops keep falling on my head...coming from a coffin under a tombstone

Don’t get me wrong – I hate this song. I don’t like songs in my head, or humming the same one for days. I can’t remember who sang this…Neil Diamond? Someone will know. And it rains a lot where I come from.

This cartoon is for Illustration Friday‘s topic, unbalanced.? Nothing like a coffin cartoon to prove I’m that! This is from my morbid collection, which I only bring out to show special guests. And you.

Just in case someone didn’t get it – and I’m not judging here, but the more I read forums, the more I realize how many people don’t understand humor in any form – the head also refers to the headstone.

As my gift to you, now you, too, will have this song stuck in your head.

PS. Here’s another cartoon about a song stuck in your head, in my other blog, The Opposite of Wrong. This time it’s Obama!


  1. michele said:

    Yes, this could be quite hellish to have this song playing for eternity, but I love the dark humor! : )

    November 20, 2009
    • Thanks, michele! I always try to think on the bright side.

      November 20, 2009
  2. marsius said:

    i got the “headstone humor”..does that make me morbid? :D

    October 27, 2010
    • Do you want to be? Yes, probably, but that’s a good thing.

      November 8, 2010

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