Jake lands with a thud, but the kids are all right.

I have to say a few words about this season’s Bachelor, starring Jake (the pilot, not Body By Jake, who is a famous personal trainer here in LA. Maybe all over, I don’t know.)

alg_jake_pavelka_bachelorFirst of all, he is so not my type. He should be, blond and blue-eyed, fit, with a nice balanced body, okay hair. I mean, look at my 3-year long and counting crush on Derek Hough, right? But Jake, no. It’s all I can do to muster up even finding a photo of Jake to post here…

He was boring on my Jillian’s show, and looks to carry on his legacy on this one. I really don’t mind his putting God first. I do, too. But it’s no sense of humor, no interests besides flying, riding his stupid motorcycle and doing dangerous stunts, and a kind of judgmental attitude he seems to have. But prove me wrong, Jake, I don’t mind.

The 25 women tonight are all jumbled in my head, like a bowl of hard candies in wrappers. But it was nice having more brunettes for a change! He’s a short man, only 5’9″, I guess – even shorter than Chris Harrison. So a couple of the women were higher in heels – or maybe they were in flats. Most were trim, thin, maybe a few fakeries here and there, but I always forget to notice that – even in my own gym, which I haven’t been in for a while [guilt].

I was very excited to see Jillian and Ed again! But they totally edited her, so she barely had any speaking lines. And Ed is louder, so he sometimes spoke over her. But he is damn funny, that’s for sure. I wish I could have seen both of them longer. Jillian, get that TV show, quick!

jillian harris, borrowed dogs
This was why I thought they already had a dog, but then I remembered that they borrowed the dogs to support this PAWS cause. Don't you love the way the big dog is stepping on Ed's nice shoes?!

Also, when they quizzed one of the bachelorettes about kids, Ed & Jillian said they were thinking about the dog thing. I thought they had bought one before, I had read, but I guess not. “She’s off the pill, so we’re hoping…” said Ed. So funny!

A few good quotes from the TWOP (Television without Pity) boards on tonight’s episode, Jake Meets 25 Bachelorettes:

I noticed during the introductions that Jake turned and watched the women walk in so he could assess their asses.

The Air National Guard woman seemed like she?s Jake?s equal, so of course she got the boot right away. Seems like the women with ?masculine? professions always get weeded out ? like doctors, lawyers, etc.

The women are still a blur, granted I hit the mute button when someone make me gag or want to hide behind my hands so I tend to miss things!? [I do this a lot the first episode – those intros are KILLERS.]

I believe one of the rejected dudes on the ATFR reunion coined the phrase “doing a Mesnick” to describe that particular maneuver :)

I was so hoping that Ed and Jillian would separate to interview the ladies so that we could catch a few glimpses of Ed macking on the women. [HEE! Not that I think he would do that, but so snarky.]

The girl who “frolicked” in the streets of San Fran in her intro – she’s either “care-free” or Darwinism is about to take its course;

Or how about casting a minority Bachelor or Bachelorette?

This reminds me of a funny comment I made on Ent Tonight last night in response to shelby:

shelby Sun 1/3/10 02:14 PM i’m sure chris harrison is a lovely man but he’s famous for facilitating a joke of a show that has never had a minority as bachelor or bachelorette. that’s a travesty. sick of all the white bread and i’m white. so chris, how about lending either of these shows some real diversity for a change? or do only white people get to find their soulmates?

Susie Sun 1/3/10 07:51 PM (This is me.)
Oh, shelby, so true. Now I no longer like Chris Harrison. If only he was an African-American, or Latino, or something else, anything else, really.

I just noticed that after I wrote that, someone named Monica takes up the next 4 comments calling me a racist!

Donna, must you be a troublemaker, even on THE BACHELOR? Yes!

Photo of Jake from NYDN. Strange, I just discovered that they have a DVD, Best of the Bachelor of the first season of The Bachelor! I never saw this before. Why can’t they do this for Jillian’s season? Or, OMG, Deanna’s – I’m sure the outtakes would be a dis-as-ter.


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