Make your figurehead a canary.

It’s just 2 days short of spring, and my canary seems to know it! Yesterday and today he? was making rusty croaking noises that are his way of trying to sing. Oh my bird, I hope you can someday, because you have the spirit within you!

So I started looking for canary songs online. A young bird doesn’t learn to sing until he’s 6 months old, so that’s why you might pay a little more for a canary – but it’s worth it! As I’ve written earlier, I pretty much think my canary is a girl, which means they didn’t put her in the song room to learn from the experienced singers, and now she doesn’t know how! :(

I won’t give up, though, so I found a few canary songs on Youtube to play for my bird every day, and maybe he/she will learn some notes. Here is a longer, pretty song on Youtube:

American Singer Canary with Waterslager Sounds

Don’t know how to upload the vid here. But anyway, I’m pretty sure that’s the first time I ever saw the word Waterslager. The only thing I don’t like is the very small cage the canary is in. Yeah, I know it’s a show cage, like the owner says, but still PAINFULLY small. I feel very bad for the bird.

Andrea the canary by Zeetz Jones

But one of the comments there has really taken my fancy, by Middledeeping:

American Singer canaries are the greatest birds ever. Mine lived? for 13 1/2 years, was the healthiest, most exuberant, adaptable pet I’ve ever owned. The pet shop owner warned me that it might take 2 wks. for him to adjust & start singing. He sang his head off in the tiny cardboard box on his way home from the shop! He drove all over the USA w/me, propped up on a pillow in the front seat w/a lap belt around his cage, looking out the window & singing. His long song was simply breathtaking.

So interesting, people are. Who drives all over the US with a canary cage in the front seat!? True, you need the seat belt to secure the cage, when you have to drive a bird somewhere. But this person has gone aboveboard, putting the bird on a nice pillow to look around him! And did they travel for 13 years, or was that just one part of his happy life?

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons on Flickr, where I get all the best photos, guilt free. If you bookmark you will always be able to get great photos from people who are happy to share them, with just their name mentioned. This canary pic is from Zeetz Jones. Her funny explanation:

This is Andrea, my proud male singing canary. A while back he was rooming with Viktor, a male zebra finch. They were an odd couple from the beginning. Andrea loves the curly-leaf parsley to death while Viktor would snack on the bread roll clipped on the grill all day. Andrea didn’t like Viktor invading his space and would scream at him to Viktor’s deaf ears…

Bird fight!

(Also, my new spring cartoon, which is about Toyotas flying, and maybe not entirely nice, is over on my Op-ed Cartoons site now.)

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