Springtime brings out the crazies.

For Illustration Friday: cocoon. I’ve done a few cartoons about butterflies not going back to the cocoon, moving on, and sadly, in this case, living only one day.

butterfly gets temp job cartoon
butterfly gets temp job cartoon

You did know that, right? That many (most?) butterflies only live one day?

Okay, I just looked it up, and I’m wrong! [/blush] From the Butterfly Site:

There is an average life span of a butterfly – it is usually about one month.? Although the smallest butterflies that you can usually spot feasting on the flowers in your front yard will usually only live about one week.

Well, for the purpose of this cartoon, it still works… for temporary employment.

Cartoon caption for blind Google: “Were you thinking of permanent or temporary employment?” from HR to a butterfly.

You could add this to my insect OR my death collection.

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