Month: July 2010


For Illustration Friday, subject is: double. Which is what you’ll become if you eat too many of these. My friend Candy (her real name) says the reason ice cream sundaes…

Donna Does Desserts

I don't Watch TV


For Illustration Friday: subject is GIANT. Well, we look like giants to them. But my real giant – the only cartoon I’ve ever done with one! – is here. That…

New Yorker cartoons

vienna and jake before, from People Mag

That is one of the most popular names on Television Without Pity (TWOP). The other one is bitchface, most often used to describe dancers (only women, of course) on DWTS who don't smile enough. Pageant like. Because a beautiful woman who doesn't smile is...dangerous? I've never figured that out. But I think last night was the ...

I don't Watch TV

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