Am I a famewhore?

That is one of the most popular names on Television Without Pity (TWOP). The other one is bitchface, most often used to describe dancers (only women, of course) on DWTS who don’t smile enough. Pageant like. Because a beautiful woman who doesn’t smile is…dangerous? I’ve never figured that out.

But I think last night was the first time I heard a reality star use it herself on TV, when Vienna called Jake a famewhore in the first 2 minutes on the Bachelorette. (Note to Mike Fleiss: I don’t like ambiguity in the start times of MY tv. Make the show an hour or a half, but don’t split it at 40 minutes or whatever. It doesn’t become you.)

vienna and jake before, from People Mag
vienna and jake before, from People Mag

Apparently, I’m the only one in the civilized reality TV watching world that thinks Vienna is trash. I liked her on Jake’s show, and I liked her with Jake, although I didn’t like Jake. I was interested that they poked him to be on Dancing with the Stars, though, and I found myself rooting for him there! I thought he’d be a big fat instant Fail, because he’s not much of a body/toucher/mover boy, but he has instinctive rhythm and grace, tried really hard, and was actually much better than many of the other amateurs.? I was really disappointed when he was voted out.

Also: unlike most of the TWOPers, I thought Chelsea was the douche as her dancing partner. Wow, totally lost respect for her (and for Tony, with Kate Gosselin.) They are supposed to be supportive pro teachers, figuring out how to bring out the best from their partners. If you can’t teach, leave, and just perform in the pro dances. I mean, wth, don’t start fights with your partner in that arrogant way.

Anyway, was sad to hear Jake and Vienna split, but SHOCKED to hear she actually sold the details of her sex life to a tabloid!!! Okay, you can drop the “fame” part of that word, now. Wow, how low-class can you get.

Again, no one on TWOP agrees with me, so thank goodness I have my little blog! :)

Most women seem to think Vienna was just sticking up for herself, and that Jake is a classic abuser. Do they have experience with that? Because I don’t, and don’t see that in him at all. I have a very controlling male relative (guess who) who has made me unhappy for many periods in my life, so I have great radar for that and I didn’t peg Jake as controlling, either! Doesn’t want to ask for directions? Doesn’t like being interrupted? Doesn’t like being told he is wrong? That would be almost every man I’ve ever met. Most women, too. (except for directions!) Big damn deal.

Well, let me quote the TWOPpers for some other views.

Other interesting moments from tonite’s Jake/Vienna Sausage meltdown:
“You gave an UNAUTHORIZED interview”. (Hmmm..either this is another example of Jakey boy’s control issues, or someone was sending a not so subtle warning about breach of contract and possible legal/financial ramifications if Vienna doesn’t pipe down..)

“So, Vienna..after tonight, will you just DISAPPEAR?” (Chris). I turned to the wife after this and said something along the lines of “gee..can you GET any more BLATANT than saying ‘hey, you’re damaging our image and our brand. Will you just please just SHUT. UP. already and GO. AWAY?” Or, we may have to sue your pants off [pont 1 above]..)

Of course, all of this hubbub is probably good for increasing viewers in what’s otherwise been just another sad and somewhat dull season of a better than average looking 20 something babe’tte wanting to get all the camera time they can get to build their “career” – which should last for about 15 minutes after the dullness wraps up in a couple of weeks.

Ali Bachelorette. Her hair extensions are so bad I couldn't find any pix of her with her hair down!
Ali Bachelorette. Her hair extensions are so bad I couldn't find any pix of her with her hair down!

And boy is this Ali season dull, dull, dull. Her laugh is so annoying, her pretty hair is RUINED by those extensions and looks worse than anyone else I’ve ever seen on TV. I hated the way she chastised and berated the wrestler. And she simply has no emotion. None. How I miss the sincerity and kindness and sympathetic tears from Jillian as she sent people home! Ah, Jillian.

Jake clearly has issues and it’s sad that he clearly doesn’t get that. Will he ever look back on this show (and his relationships) and see what a mess he is? Vienna, on the other hand, seems like a drama queen. When she complained about being dragged to LA and put into an apartment, it reminded me of when, during Jake’s season, she said she felt like a princess. It reminded me of her relationship with her dad, or at least how it was portrayed on the show. She came off as credible but I think she should examine her own motivations and decisions. Did he force her to go to the DWTS shows? Could she not have gotten a job and just not gone with him wherever the show might be going? It all sounds crazy, unrealistic, and a mess. She did apologize at the end and I believe she was sincere even though she continued to say he would have gone to the tabloids if she hadn’t.

That was the craziest! To keep saying Jake would have talked about their intimacy if she hadn’t! That is a woman with a really poor upbringing.

Seriously I could never stand Jake. And I’m on record as having always thought that he was on, shall we say, a “permanent fast” from vagina. But I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought this appearance was an absolute disaster for him. (and insert the obligatory note that I’m no Vienna fan either). ..After the way he came across in this taping (and all the leaked-press since the taping has been anti-Jake) I wonder if TPTB think he’s damaged-enough goods to just cut him loose. The tell now, imo, will be how Chris deals with Jake in this week’s blog.

I also don?t see Vienna?s acceptance of a job in LA as meaning that she wants to be famous. As she explained, it?s a marketing position at a non-profit organization.

Chris kept asking Vienna if that disgusting interview (which I haven’t read, and don’t intend to) was the last publicity thing from her, and if she would leave LA, which she kept telling Jake she wanted to do. Well, no, even though she says she hates LA, turns out she kind of likes the (negative) attention, and plans to stay now! What a surprise!

As for Jake and Vienna, wow. I couldn’t and still can’t understand why Vienna stayed after that first month of “bliss” turned into bickering. She said something about how after she left Florida her whole town turned its back on her – I have no idea why or what that meant, but is that why she stayed with Jake? She couldn’t go home for some reason? Why would a whole town turn its back on you, and how exactly does that play out?

Plus her biggest complaint seemed to be that he wasn’t giving her enough attention. To be honest, both seem high maintenance and that just doesn’t work. Both wanted the other to cater to them and it wasn’t going to happen. Neither got what they wanted from this relationship. It was kind of like attention whore vs fame whore.

Jake came off as arrogant and angry, but I can definitely see why he would avoid Vienna if that was the type of behavior she showed whenever things did not go her way. Talk about immaturity. She seriously needs meds and both need counseling.

Jake accused Vienna of cheating on him, which looked to me like he was just trying to save face. But late breaking news indicates that Vienna lied a little: Vienna’s “boyfriend” says she lied….

I think Jake did come out of this not smelling like a rose. The whole show was pretty disturbing and sad. But I also think Chris Harrison did a good job of being objective, and not saving Jake’s ass.

I hope everyone has learned their lesson and will go to Sunday School to learn how to behave better.

But I don’t think there’s any hope for Ali becoming a better Bachelorette.

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