The trouble with Television without Pity is Barnes.

The Bachelor and Bachelorette forums on Television Without Pity (TWOP) should be fun. Right? The show is a ridiculous idea, dramatically staged, and at least recently, nice eye candy staged in various pretty countries. The mainly women audience  in TWOP often talks about their own stories of  durm and strang in the dating trenches. Real life on a forum about reality. Fun!

Or, it would be, if it wasn’t being constantly chided and squashed and slashed by the worst, most overcontrolling mod on TWoP, Barnes. What a witch, and I’m so tempted to use the b word.

bachelorette ali on jimmy kimmel
bachelorette ali on jimmy kimmel

This is surely the most boring Bachelorette season ever – Ali’s laugh is a horribly annoying nervous tic, she says nothing original, and I’m not interested in any of the men -although Roberto sounded more interesting in her last blog – oh, no, it wasn’t in the blog, it was on the show! Thanks, FORT!- when she said:

I think my favorite part of the night was after I gave him the rose. I was really nervous and started shaking. He looked at me and said: if you are ever, like… when you’re nervous, look right here. Look at me. Look at my eyes and don’t be nervous.

I liked this anecdote!

So anyway, we should be able to make our own fun in the forums at TWOP, since the show is so tedious now. But not with a mod like Barnes.

I can’t imagine how many other luscious, funny, emotional stories are left out of these forums with her prowling the aisles and scaring all the contributors away. A typical warning from her, right in the middle of the discussion, of course, is:


I don’t know what this new deal is with not capitalizing the first letter of the first word of a post, but it’s annoying; please stop it.


Please stop abusing punctuation marks for emphasis!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no way to include a *shrug* in your post and not have it appear dismissive. I don’t know why — it’s just so. *shrug* Please don’t do it.

Please make sure your post is about the show, not yourself. (Yet what we need are MORE posts about us, because the season is so draggy.- Donna here.)

If I’ve just reduced your warning level, that is not license for you to ignore the rules. I don’t care what your warning level number is. If you’ve been warned a lot, and then learned to play along, and then act up after I reduced your warning level — I’m banning you.

Don’t you want to slap her? :) She really likes to threaten! So I was amused to see this question to her in the Mod thread:

From Vickieviolet:
The note/warning thing is confusing me. I am getting dinged because I put to many exclamation marks? And this is a breach of protocol? But I can use the f-word an unlimited number of times? Is this correct? And if I am not suppose to e-mail or address this issue can I post it in a new topic and see what the community has to say?
No, you got dinged because you were lecturing people — as I said in your warning. If you’ll only learn the site rules, you’ll find this is…against them. While I had your eyes, I also mentioned your incessant UP CAPPING and repetitive punctuation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m not sure what you mean here, but I’m going to take a stab at it, based on my guess. Don’t email a mod to ask for a reduction in your warning level. Don’t email a mod to argue why you are a special snowflake who gets to break the rules….

If you don’t like the TOS, the rest of the internet is available to you. Enjoy!

You are very defensive and off topic, but you are right. You go ahead and make the fn rules. I don’t give a flying f k. I will learn your sh y rules and never ask you another question. But if you think I was lecturing someone, you have never had a lecture from me. And again have a f king great day.

You too.

A “special snowflake“. And a “you,too.” Because Barnes is all about childish reactions.

Full disclosure: I’m not a member there, and  have never written in their forums. I just like to criticize (or quote) those who do. But Barnes is really ruining my bliss.



  1. Dbag said:

    No, you’re a special snowflake (as in special needs)

    August 4, 2010
    • Looks like dbag might be Barnes!

      Could it be that narcissists google themselves 24/7?

      August 4, 2010
  2. Jake said:

    The comments don’t even make sense. What does this mean: One person might like me to ?The trouble with Television without Pity is Barnes.?

    August 4, 2010
  3. Dbag said:

    I don’t know why she’s obsessing about a mod when she does not even belong to the site…could it be that she’s upset that if she did join she would not be able to talk about herself 24/7?

    Isn’t that why narcissists have blogs?

    August 4, 2010
  4. Confused said:

    Why didn’t you include Barnes’s full response in your post? She’s apparently deleted it now, but what she originally said to Vicki Violet was along the lines that if she had a legit question that wasn’t already answered in the rules, she should feel free to contact her. I’m starting to think you were very much a TWoP member and couldn’t follow the primary school rules. Boring. Vicki Violet was a tool. None of us regulars were sad to see her go.

    August 4, 2010
    • Jake said:

      Just saw Confused’s reply. What you think about VV is not even relevant. It doesn’t matter what you think of VV. This is just a failed article because of the other reasons.

      August 4, 2010
  5. Jake said:

    This is not very well written and parts of it are illogical. If you are not a member of TWoP, how are you kept from having any fun there? And the site is not for putting in personal stories about topics. It is for talking about the TV show.

    Many members might totally agree with you about Barnes, but since you are not even a member you could not talk about any of your own personal experiences where you were over moderated. And you only wrote about Vickieviolet. A good article talks about many examples to prove the premise.

    This could have been great. Sadly, it’s just ultimately disappointing.

    August 4, 2010
    • Dbag said:

      Oh, if only TWoP would allow Donna…er, Vickieviolet to post “luscious, funny, emotional stories” stories about herself.

      August 5, 2010
  6. I very much enjoy reading TWOP, but not interested in posting there, because I think it’s over-moderated, and I have other venues – like this.

    Barnes is way too controlling, but I also thought Mars was crappy in a different way on the LOST boards – he let EVERYTHING be posted, including the worst spoilers and spec, so had to quit reading LOST there.

    August 5, 2010

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