Let’s talk about hair.

A hair job? Like a nose job or boob job, but not as permanent.

Topic for Illustration Friday: artificial. You know, like dying gray hair is artificial.

grey hair cartoon
gray hair cartoon

Btw, the TWOP boards are suggesting that after Ali finished the Bachelorette she got a nose job.

I have no opinion to offer on this. I never even notice people’s noses, except if they are particularly large. I ran into Michael Richards while he was still taping Seinfeld, in a used book store in North Hollywood. He had ordered an art book for his wife.

Of course I was thrilled to see him – Seinfeld was at its height of popularity at the time – but standing next to him, I was shocked at the size of his nose. That was the main thing I remember about him. Later I ate at the Stinking Rose, in Beverly Hills, and they have portraits of large-nosed people, and his portrait was there.

There is a female cartoonist who shall remain nameless, who has the biggest nose I’ve ever seen on a woman. Again, I was shocked, and felt bad and embarrassed for her. Why didn’t she get it fixed? She’s very successful – she can afford it.

Ali, I don’t know. Before a nose job she should have paid for a good haircut, lost the stinking extensions, and LEARNED HOW TO DRESS. I have never seen someone dress so badly ever, when she has a really good figure.? Sad. Also, I think she was the worst Bachelorette ever.

Cartoon caption: 2 women chat at dressing table, and one says Every time I find a new gray hair, a fairy dies. (like Peter Pan’s fairy).

Of course, your friends always think you look great, with or without Clairol.


  1. Isabelle said:

    Hehehe love your cartoon!! Now I know a fiew fairy’s died because of me… but that’s ok, part of “growing up”. Interesting to read your comment about the nose job of the Bachelorette. To me it is the last person on earth who would need one. Maybe she wants a bigger nose? Who knows? ;-)

    August 6, 2010

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