Six stinkers suck on Bachelor Pad.

Of course, I mean the remaining six on Bachelor Pad.

This was such a CHEAP, CHEAP show – get out of my life. The dates are so lame – I think they were all within 3 miles of the house or so. So boring to look at. And since it’s cheaper to film in daytime, the lame “contests” – as if spin the bottle was a contest in any way – and I hope they saved money on that one by using one of their own empty wine bottles – have the contestants all squinting, all ugly, in the hot sun.

Now, the people: I really liked Gia, even though she played the game so poorly. Wes seemed pretty sincere – I was one of the few who liked him in Jillian’s season. It was Fleiss who did a number on him.

I liked a lot of the women – Nikki, Ashley, and especially Krisily – she’s an outspoken girl of my own heart! That’s exactly how I would have played it, too, and lost! All gone now.

Peyton was the last girl I liked, and now she’s gone. I could call the remaining six names, but why bring myself down – they’re all undeserving of the win. I have to say, however, that even though Kiptyn fancies himself a good person, I DON’T THINK SO. Cannot stand fake Tenley, and David Good is the worst.

On a much more interesting note, I saw Vienna today!!! I hardly ever recognize anyone, and it’s not a spot where I would expect to see even a reality star: in Joann’s Fabrics, in Glendale! It’s not the biggest Joann’s, either, but they have a big sale this holiday weekend, and I need new curtains. ( The retarded manager here decided that to cut trees back to wood – I mean, not one leaf left, in the middle of a heat wave, for NO reason whatsoever – was the best way to attract new tenants. Not. And deforested trees means less privacy for me. :()

vienna with jake pavelka and dog
vienna girardi with jake pavelka and dog

So I went into the store, and barely looked at a blond woman coming out. I didn’t think twice about it. She wasn’t striking, not super skinny, just the same blond that 90% of women here in LA are. There was a man walking 5 paces behind her, with a dog on a leash. I was so annoyed that someone thought it was a good idea to bring a DOG into a fabric store – it’s not Petco, honey – that I scowled and looked back at them, and something about her WITH THE DOG suddenly rang a bell! I went back out the door and they were already headed into the crowded parking lot, so I tried to memorize the dog, since I’m not very good at faces. Yep, it was this dog!

Not this man, though, of course. Instead it was a dark haired man, nice looking, exactly her height. She looked a little petulant – there was a long line at the counter, so that must have been painful. No smile, and even though I despise her for selling her sex life to the tabloid – and I’m the only person in the world who sides with Jake, it sounds like – it’s sad.? She’s a healthy young woman with $90,000 in her pocket, a new job, and a guy to hold the leash of her dog, and she just bought fabric (or Halloween decorations) on sale. What’s not to like?

I never really figured her for a homebody, either. Was she brought up so well that she learned needlework and sewing? Does she need new curtains now, too, with papparazzi after her? Does her dog need a fall coat? Happy sewing, Vienna.

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