Illegal lift in DWTS and voting results.

From the clever commenters on Television Without Pity:

That was the only bit I rewound last night, and on rewind it looked like Jennifer just barely managed to keep her foot dragging the floor on that move. But yeah, he was definitely taking all her weight, which is what I would consider a lift.

I don’t believe it’s actually considered a lift as long as that foot stays dragging on the floor.

And from Oakgal: It was a lift.

Derek and Jennifer lift in Viennese waltz
Derek and Jennifer lift in Viennese waltz

Good catch, oakgal! And take that, anal Carrie Anne, who sucks all the joy out of watching when she points out mistakes as if she won points. And they aren’t even mistakes in dancing, they’re just errors on this particular show.

Anyway, results are in, and the Hoff is gone. Too bad, I found him entertaining, which is half the show. Plus I always like Kym and her routines. (But put on a pound or two, dear!)

It was pretty suspenseful. Got bored with the music, though. And grips and best boys, I CAN’T SEE THE DANCERS WHEN YOU BACKLIGHT THEM. And make them weird colors.

But wow, what does it say about the producers when they make Adam Corolla boring? Happened before, too. I can’t believe he wrote the factual text, and the visuals were underwelming. Didn’t laugh once, and I loved him when he was on the show, and even listened to his show a few times afterwards.

Other comments on TWOP I enjoyed:

Anna/Corky has to be the oddest pro pairing I’ve seen in awhile.

I’m so glad the show passed over the encore in favor of more comedy with Adam. I was worried we wouldn’t have enough filler.

With Kyle’s scores (overscored last night IMO) and being in the fake bottom 2, they are trying to drum up support for him.

Too early for grassy knoll, but the show mentioned Kurt vs Rick again.

It’s never too early for grassy knoll, as Len would say. And never too early to dread judge favoritism.

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