ADD cartoon.

ADD cartoon.

Topic for Illustration Friday: Remedy.

3721pt Caption: Women working out at gym. One says, But as it turns out, LA (Los Angeles) is the perfect place to have ADD!

So I guess the remedy if you have Attention Deficit Disorder is to move to Beverly Hills.? Yes, it’s true, we’re kind of scatter-brained here. :)

Check out my new cartoon in Psychology Today on older woman, younger man!

They just changed the subject to Stay.? I guess this means you should stay where you are, and not move to LA.

6 Responses

  1. Wow, what a horribly bad scribble. Clearly you have no idea on what kind of impact AD(H)D can have on a person’s life. What a brilliant pun, making light of a serious disability.

    I could easily do the same, and pick on your distinct lack of humour or artistic ability, but then I’d be as big a hypocrite as you are.

    D. Barstow, your “art”, “humour” and empathic ability are exactly on par with your peers, Dobson, Buckley and Humon.
    You should be damn flattered that people even put up the effort to critique you, because you might actually learn something from them.