How to sell more copies of your book


I think I’m pretty tech savvy, and I know a lot about SEO, but I found a  Youtube video today that I just had to share because it is such a great idea!

The speaker is Matt Cutts. He is the spokesperson for all of Google, and the SEO Guru. Briefly, he says that to publicize your book, you need to set up a particular page just for your book. If you have a site or blog, you’ve talked about your book(s) numerous times, but do you actually have a page titled exactly, word for word, What Do Women Really Want? Chocolate! by Donna Barstow?

That’s the title of my book, but not the title of that page, which is  “Buy Comic  Books”! So I have to redo that page, when I publish it as an ebook. What I have been using up til now is a general  page listing both of my books,  and in my sidebars, reading Cartoon Books. That’s not gonna do it for good SEO.

Your title of your book should appear in your Title Bar. If you have All in One SEO or a similar WordPress plugin, you want to be sure to use the title of the book in there, too.. The title bar is the top bar of your computer right now. No, higher. No, the very very tippy top. Add your name, and even the ISBN, i you want. This is how Amazon does it, and Amazon is the winner online.

Why Amazon Sells More Books than You Do

Note how Amazon does it in the title bar here: What Do Women Really Want? Chocolate!: Donna Barstow: 9781561633838: Books They add the author name and even the ISBN! (though I think the ISBN looks ugly and would seldom be used in search.) Are you competing with Amazon? In a way. You probably won’t be selling the books out of your attic or cellar, but you might have better reviews than Amazon, certainly a better description, plus images, etc. And of course you’ll include a link to Amazon!

If you don’t have your own site, that’s too bad, but you could also set up a Facebook page with the exact title of your book, too, and that might work, too. Here’s mine!

What do you think? Isn’t this a great tip? :)

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